Thank you for your interest in moveonnet!

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Dear moveonnet User

Greetings from QS! We hope you are doing fine.

We are very glad to inform you that we are replacing the aging moveonnet with a new platform named MoveONLite. MoveONLite is more advanced version of moveonnet. Your institution can have a free instance with a URL specific to your institution.

MoveONLite allows you to do much more than exchanging the mobility nominations with your partners. The following are some of the important capabilities of this new platform.

We would also like to inform you that we would shut down moveonnet on 31st March 2022. Your existing account will cease to exist post this date. If you would like to download your data in moveonnet please download it before the shutdown date as there would be no data portability from your moveonnet account to your MoveONLite instance.

If you would like to get the free instance for your university/institution, please register on our MoveON Hub platform ( If you want to quickly register for MoveONLite, please access this link

We hope you would register for MoveONLite at the earliest so that you have a smooth transition to the new platform. If you have queries do reach out to us at

Thanking You,

QS Team.