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North America, Australia

Kjell Malmgren

System Manager Move On

Susanne Lindstrand

Ms Linn Gabrielsson

Africa, Asia

Kristin Rådesjö

Faculty of Arts

International Coordinator

Mikael Strömberg

Faculty of Education

Ilse Hakvoort

Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts

International Coordinator, School of Photography

Mr Magnus Bernvik

International Coordinator

Mr Carl-Magnus Forsudd

Faculty of Science

Faculty of Science

Lina Nordin

Incoming and outgoing nominations mathematics

Damiano Ognissanti

International Coordinator

Peter Gulz
Anni Borgman

Elin Fransson


Victoria Nilsson

Faculty of Social Sciences

Department of Journalism, Media and Communication

Christina Jones

Department of Sociology and Work Science

Ulrika Agby

Department of Global Studies

Erik Grip

Department of Social Work

Viktoria Jendmyr

Department of Global Studies

Maria Clara Medina

Sofia Nygren

Department of Political Science

Angelica Thell

IT Faculty

Computer Science

Eirin Bakken

School of Business, Economics and Law

Director International Office

Ms Catharina Miklin

International Coordinator

Ms Chie Inoue
Ms Kajsa Wigren
Mr Marcus Lange

Sara Fallegård

The Board of Teacher Education

Lotta Huldén

The Sahlgrenska Academy

Faculty coordinator, Pharmacy

Ms Annelie Hyllner

Audiology, Speech Therapy, Biomedical Lab Science, Dentistry, Dental Hygiene, Dental Technology

Ingeborg Herbertsson

Midwifery, Radiography Nurse, Nursing, Spec Nurse, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Ditetetics, Public Health

Rebecca Törnqvist

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