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General Information

German and English
2 Semesters (Winter + Summer Semester)
winter semester: October 15th till March 31st
summer semester: April 1st till September 30th

Information specific to exchange students

In order to apply you will have to fill out the following forms:

a) Erasmus students:
• The Erasmus application form
• ECTS form (learning agreement)

b) All other exchange students (bilateral programs):
• student application form
• ECTS form (if required by your home university)
• copy of your certificate of school leaving examination
• if possible a proof of your German language knowledge
• copy of your passport
• transcript of records
Application deadlines for EU citizens are:
• 15th January for the summer semester
• 15th July for the winter semester

Applications from non-EU citizens are expected:
• 30th November for the summer semester
• 31st May for the winter semester
Most of the students live in modern student residence halls that can be found on both sides of the Oder river. Like the university facilities, the student residence halls are located throughout the town. Many of the residence halls are equipped with access to the internet. All have either modern one-room apartments or single rooms in two to five-room apartments.

Rooms in the residence halls are fully furnished (desk, chair, bed, shelf, wardrobe, lamps). Dishes, bedding and bedclothes are not included; however, you can rent dishes from the Interstudis (please let them know in advance!) and bedding from the Studentenwerk (Student Welfare Service) or buy it on-site. The kitchens and kitchenettes are equipped with hot-plates, a sink, a refrigerator and cupboards. Washing machines and dryers are available for common use in the basement of all residences.

To apply for a room in one of our student residences please fill in the housing application form of the Studentenwerk. You will find this form online under
following the links »Downloads«, »Wohnen« and »Wohnplatzantrag«.

Please apply for only one place in the student residences in Frankfurt (Oder) or Slubice. We have limited student housing facilities and try to accommodate as many students as possible with the housing a vailable.

When you sign your student housing agreement, you are committing to a minimum of three months residence in the room assigned to you. Please note that you are expected to pay the rent as well as a deposit of 200 Euro before moving into your new apartment. When you wish to move out of your student housing apartment, you will be required to hand in your written notice before the end of the month previous to the one in which you intend to move out.
Within its exchange programs the European University Viadrina offers every guest student the opportunity to take part in one German language course per semester for free (This does not include the intensive German courses!). For all of the other language courses, guest students have the same financial obligations as regular Viadrina students.

For detailed information please refer to:
Sprachenzentrum der EUV
August-Bebel-Straße 12 | 15234 Frankfurt (Oder)
Phone: + 49 335 5534 3711

Before the beginning of the Semester, viadrina sprachen gmbh offers you the chance to improve your German language proficiency or to introduce you to the German language.
viadrina sprachen gmbh
Spiekerstraße 10a | 15230 Frankfurt (Oder)
Phone: + 49 335 401 63 25
Health Insurance

In order to enroll at Viadrina, most need a German health insurance policy with the exception of those students from countries with agreements on social and health insurance. There are several insurance agencies which you can contact directly. If you have questions, please contact the International Office.
We recommend taking out the combined sickness, personal accident, and private liability insurance package of the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service); with this package you are sure to have the necessary coverage.
For more information consult the DAAD insurance office:
Phone: Monday - Friday mornings + 49 228 882-400 | -505
Monday - Thursday afternoons + 49 228 882-630
Application forms:


Unless you are a student from the European Union or from a country with differing regulations concerning visas (e.g. Honduras, Iceland, Monaco, Norway, San Marino, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and USA) you will need a visa in order to live and study in Germany. Please apply for a visa at a German embassy in your home country well ahead of your planned arrival. Make sure the visa is a multiple entry visa for Germany. Do not arrive in Germany on a tourist visa since it is not possible to convert into a residence permit.

Additionally, you will have to apply for an entrance
visa to Poland. Frankfurt (Oder) is a border town and you will most likely want to cross the border at some point during your stay. Please contact the Polish embassy in your home country
in good time.

Information Specific to international degree seeking students

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