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General Information

2 Semesters (Autumn + Spring Semester)
Start of semester:
winter semester: 01.10. - 31.03.
summer semester: 01.04. - 30.09.

Start of lectures:
winter semester: approx 2nd week of October
summer semester: approx. 3rd week of February

End of lectures:
winter semester: approx. 3rd week of February
summer semester. approx. 3rd week of July

Exact term dates change from year to year. The current academic
calendar can be found at

Please check refer to the current academic calendar for more detailed information

Information specific to exchange students

The International Office has changed the application procedure for ERASMUS students at the University of Münster for summer term 2010. Please contact the International Office of the International Office to receive further information.

Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster
International Office / Exchange Student Service
Schlossplatz 3
D-48149 Münster
Tel: 0049 25 18 32 21 13
Fax: 0049 25 18 32 14 43

Please be aware of following application deadlines:
Application for winter term by June 15
Application for summer term by December 15

After submitting and processing your allocation you will receive from the University Registrar an admission notice (“Zulassungsbescheid”), which will tell you on which dates you can matriculate at the University of Münster and which documents you will need to bring to the appointment.

Please discuss the details of your study program prior to your departure with your coordinator at your home university (in order to ensure that your coursework is recognized at home).
Most courses are taught in German, only very few lectures and seminars are taught in English or other languages. There are no additional courses for ERASMUS students. Please make sure to acquire some German skills before you arrive at Münster or concentrate on language courses at our university.
Applications for admission have to be sent to the ERASMUS Office before:

December, 1th for the following summer semester
June, 1th for the following winter semester
ERASMUS students can apply for a room in a student hall of
residence operated by the Studentenwerk Münster, a public student welfare organisation. You can find information about the halls of residence at the Studentenwerk website
- follow the link “Wohnen” – “Wohnanlagen”.

The online application form can be found at the
Studentenwerk website -
follow the link “Wohnen” – “Bewerbungsverfahren” –
“Online-Bewerbung”. Please indicate in the last box of the form – “HINWEIS” – that you are an ERASMUS exchange student of the University of Münster. If a room is available, the Studentenwerk Münster will send a room offer directly to the student – via mail to the home address or via email – in January for the summer semester or in August for the winter semester. They will also and send a lease contract for the
room. As soon as the lease contract has been signed, both the
deposit and the first monthly instalment of the rent have to be paid immediately.
The University of Münster offers Intensive German language Courses for its exchange students at the beginning of each semester and a large wide variety of German languages courses during semester.

Further Information and the application forms for the Intensive German Language Course will be send to all incoming exchange students either with their letter of acceptance (“Zulassungsbescheid”) or via e-mail.

For general information:
Students pay a semester contribution of currently 200 Euro which includes a ticket for public transport in the Münster area for the whole semester (October 1st - March 31st or April 1st - September 30th).
You need the following documents for your stay in Münster:
- valid identity card/passport
- passport photos
- original documents
- Health insurance proof
- Enrolment receipt of your home university
- sufficient insurance cover

Information Specific to international degree seeking students

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