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General Information

Usually French language
except in :
Master 1 IAE Gustave Eiffel(all in English)
3rd year of Bachelor degree in economics (all in english)
Master 1 international economics (all in english)
2 Semesters (Autumn + Spring Semester)
it depends on the faculties, generally 5 months
from September to January
from February to June
No course catalogue - see each faculty's programme

Information specific to exchange students

Fill in the online application form : lines with * are compulsory, validate each page, generate the PDF document and print it. Make your teaching coordinator sign this form

2/ Print the enclosed learning agreement. Make your teaching coordinator and your institutional coordinator sign this document

3/ Sign these 2 documents

4/ Send them by mail at the International Relations contact at the faculty or institute where you will study in our university

5/ The teaching coordinator in our university will examine your application and sign your learning agreement. The learning agreement will be sent back by fax at the number on the learning agreement before you arrive.
French language
Most of the courses are taught in French.
1er semestre 2014/15: 31 mai 2014
2nd semestre 2014/15: 15 novembre 2014
31 mai 2014 for Autumn and Spring semesters
15 november 2014 for Spring semester
DELCIFE (Département d'enseignement de la langue, de la culture et des institutuions françaises aux étrangers)- No french courses for beginners- No fees for students registered in exchange programs

Information Specific to international degree seeking students

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