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EUC Number (Charta): 27910
Erasmus Code: B GENT01
Education and research in an international perspective.

Ghent University offers high-quality, research-based education in all academic disciplines. Today Ghent University attracts over 30,000 students, with a foreign student population of over 1,000 EU citizens and some 1000 students from non-EU countries.

The mission of open and democratic education is realized by the availability of social facilities and professional guidance concerning the study career.

With a view to cooperation in research and scientific service, numerous research groups, centres and institutes have been founded over the years. Several of them are renowned worldwide, in various scientific disciplines such as biotechnology, aquaculture, microelectronics, history, etc. Ghent University invests an annual amount of more than 175 million euro in research projects on behalf of public and private partners.

Because it plays a leading role in the academic and scientific world, Ghent University attaches great interest to a transparent organization structure, a dynamic human resources policy, an active environmental policy, and its support to spin-offs and other new initiatives.

In 2007, Ghent University was recognised by the European Commission as an 'Erasmus Succes Story', a title bestowed on 20 institutions having achieved an excellent record in the implementation of the Erasmus Exchange Programme. Currently Ghent University also coordinates six Erasmus Mundus Master Courses and is partner in two more, proof of the high quality of its education and of its strong efforts for international cooperation. In 2009 it was awarded the ECTS-label for the second time.

Network memberships

Associatie Universiteit Gent (AUGent)
Association of Universities for Textiles (AUTEX)
Conference of European Schools for Advanced Engineering Education and Research (CESAER)
European Association for International Education (EAIE)
European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education (EAEVE)
European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools (ECLAS)
European network of International Relations Officers at Higher Eduation Institutions for Agricultura (IROICA)
European Society for Engineering Education (SEFI)
European University Continuing Education Network (EUCEN)
International Association of Universities (IAU)
Leonardo Network for Academic Mobility (LEONET)
Santander Group


ranked 165 by QS World University Rankings (2011)
ranked 124 by THE (2010)
ranked 192 by QS World University Rankings (2010)
ranked 114 by Performance Ranking of Scientific Papers for World Universities (2009)
ranked 136 by THE - QS World University Rankings (2009)
ranked 101-151 by Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) - Shanghai Jiao Tong University (2008)
ranked 125 by Performance Ranking of Scientific Papers for World Universities Top 500 (2008)
ranked 136 by THE - QS Top 200 World University Rankings (2008)
ranked 76-107 by Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) - Shanghai Jiao Tong University - Life and Agriulture Sciences (2008)

Faculties / Schools

Faculty of Arts and Philosophy (Faculteit Letteren en Wijsbegeerte)
Faculty of Bioscience Engineering (Faculteit Bio-ingenieurswetenschappen)
Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (Faculteit Economie en Bedrijfskunde)
Faculty of Engineering and Architecture (Faculteit Ingenieurswetenschappen)
Faculty of Law (Faculteit Rechtsgeleerdheid)
Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (Faculteit Geneeskunde en Gezondheidswetenschappen)
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Faculteit Farmaceutische Wetenschappen)
Faculty of Political and Social Sciences (Faculteit Politieke en Sociale Wetenschappen)
Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences (Faculteit Psychologie en Pedagogische Wetenschappen)
Faculty of Sciences (Faculteit Wetenschappen)
Faculty of Veterinary Medecine (Faculteit Diergeneeskunde)
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