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EUC Number (Charta): 240033
Erasmus Code: PL GDANSK09
The Gdańsk Higher School of Humanities is a non-public (non-state) institute of higher education of academic (university) standing, recognised by the state.
The school, situated in the millennial Gdańsk, was established under a decision of the Minister of National Education and Sports, and has been existing since 1999, being entered in the register of non-state higher education institutes under no. 142.
In 2002 the Gdańsk Higher School of Humanities was granted the rights of an academic higher school and since that time has been entitled to confer the title of Master of Arts upon its graduates.
Over the years of its operation, the Gdańsk Higher School of Humanities has developed into the biggest non-state academic school in the Tricity (the agglomeration composed of the cities of Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot, with a total 800 thousand of inhabitants) and the whole region of Pomerania.
The number of our students keeps steadily growing, the fact being the best proof of the quality of our operation. In the last academic year the total number of our students (including those following the weekend study schemes) exceeded 4,500. Over 1,350 fresh students enrolled in the school in the current (2007/2008) academic year, including ones attending the postgraduate studies.

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