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The University of Carthage is a Tunisian pinnacle of training and research enjoying the status of a public establishment having an administrative character and reporting to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

Founded in 1988, by virtue of Decree n° 83-1987 dated December 31, 1987 under the former label: University of Law, Economics and Management. It became in 2000 the 7th November University at Carthage by virtue of Decree no. 2826 dated November 27, 2000. This change took place within the framework of the transformation of the configuration of sector-based universities of the greater Tunis into multidisciplinary universities.

The University currently includes thirty two higher education and research institutions among which the Tunisia Polytechnic School (EPT) , a landmark of excellence, and the Tunis National Institute of Agronomy (INAT) the oldest engineering training school in the country (founded on October 27, 1898).

The institutions reporting to The 7th November University at Carthage provide teaching and research in a wide range of different scientific specialties such as engineering sciences, legal sciences, economics, management, computer sciences, humanities, arts, languages and arts, as well as training for youth educators.

The number of students enrolled in the University for the academic year 2009-2010 amounted to about 48000. These students enjoy the benefits of constantly updated training programs which allow them to keep abreast of scientific and technological knowledge.

Aware and always in tune with the ever- accelerating pace of the scientific and technical evolution, committed to the dynamics of search for higher quality, The 7th November University at Carthage is well on its way to win the battle of opening up effectively on its national and international environments.

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EuroMed Permanent University Forum (EPUF)
Mediterranean Universities Union (UNIMED)


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