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Annapolis Group

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The Annapolis Group comprises approximately 130 leading national independent liberal arts colleges that have similar interests and concerns centering on the values of liberal arts education that inform their missions. The Annapolis Group provides a forum for member institutions to share best practices, seek higher levels of excellence, and advance the cause of liberal arts education on a national scale. Annapolis Group presidents and chief academic officers meet semi-annually, collaborating with one another and invited participants to increase their own professional effectiveness by discussing ideas, best practices, and questions of mutual concern; articulate, interrogate, and promote the values of liberal arts education; debate issues of institutional, regional, and national scope; and develop new ways for their institutions — both individually and collectively — to serve the public good. Through several forms of outreach, the Annapolis Group draws public attention to the educational goals and distinctive strengths of its member institutions and facilitates their participation in national conversations relating to higher education.
United States
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