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European Educational Research Association (EERA)

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EERA was founded in June 1994 as a result of discussions among many national educational research associations and several major research institutes throughout Europe which identified the need for a European association to foster the exchange of ideas amongst European researchers, promote collaboration in research, improve research quality and offer independent advice on educational research to European policy-makers, administrators and practitioners. EERA membership is made up of 23 national and regional Educational Research Associations from all parts of Europe. It is governed by the Council and the Annual General Assembly. The academic work is organised in 25 thematic networks. From 1994 to 2008 EERA was constituted as a Charity under British Law and was based in Scotland. Since 2008 EERA has been based in Berlin, Germany, and is constituted as a "Verein" (i.e. Charity under German Law) EERA is dependent on the participation of the national associations to take forward its mission of promoting educational research in Europe and of fostering cooperation between associations of educational researchers.
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