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Review of the moveonnet Conference "Bologna 2.0"

The moveonnet Conference "Bologna 2.0" took place for the first time on the 6th February in Stuttgart (STEP), Germany. 25 participants from 13 countries came together to learn about innovative tools, procedures and resources for internationalisation and mobility.

moveonnet conference 2009

Conference programme

Organized by unisolution in association with QS, the moveonnet Conference provided the opportunity to discover the e-procedures along with marketing and recruitment possibilities in the online portal Individual workshops for the electronic procedures e-nomination, e-agreements, e-transcripts and presentations on online marketing and information search, presented ways of optimising processes to meet the increasing challenges facing institutions of higher education, a consequence of the Bologna Process and the demand for further internationalisation.

Please download the presentations held during the moveonnet Conference. If you would like to immediately start using the electronic procedures e-nomination and e-agreements in moveonnet, please download the moveonnet premium membership activation form and fax it back to unisolution (+49 711 25 35 91 89).

moveon workshop + moveonnet Conference 2009 "Bologna 2.0"

During the moveon Workshop on the 5th February many participants could already get to know the software program for the management of the International Offices. Although the moveon Workshop and the moveonnet Conference were two different events, they have been organised in association with one another to provide participants with the best overview of current possibilities in the field of internationalisation.

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Participants had plenty of oppotunity for discusions with colleagues and the unisolution team during the workshop and networking session and the pre-Conference dinner on the evening of the 5th. For further impressions, please have a look at the pictures taken during the event.

Thank you to all participants for the positive and helpful feedback.

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