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EU Report Praises moveonnet Portal

A study on the effects of ERASMUS, conducted on behalf on the EU’s Directorate-General for Education and Culture, was published in December 2008, evaluating the "Quality, Openness and Internationalisation" of the ERASMUS student exchange program. It mentions the database software moveon as well as the internet portal moveonnet, both developed by unisolution, as "extremely useful tool[s] in terms of EU project management and monitoring by a number of higher education institutions," which was perceived as being of crucial importance for ensuring continuous quality improvement of the ERASMUS project. Moreover, moveonnet is described as “highly beneficial” for a large variety of tasks, ranging from student tracking to communication between institutions of higher education, which leads to the conclusion that "dissemination of this software would be beneficial."

The full report on "The Impact of ERASMUS on European Higher Education: Quality, Openness and Internationalisation" is available here.
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