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Internationalisation of European Higher Education

New EUA Handbook for Summer 2008

After the success of the Bologna Handbook, EUA is teaming up with the Academic Cooperation Association and Raabe Academic publishers to launch a new Handbook for 2008 entitled Internationalisation of European Higher Education.

Approaching internationalisation from an institutional perspective, the Handbook will be a crucial tool for all institutions. It will focus on all of the key issues of practical and operational interest in relation to European higher education and display them in the context of global developments and overarching policy processes. It will also facilitate discussion on the goals of internationalisation at institutional level and their implementation.
The Handbook is designed specifically for those involved in developing and implementing internationalisation strategies and measures, including university leadership and international office managers. It will also be an invaluable point of reference for a broader group of policy makers interested in internationalisation in a wider European context. Due to be published in Summer 2008 as a loose-leaf binder collection, with regular supplements, the Handbook will be complemented by information available online.

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