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EAIE Training: How to develop and maintain international partnerships

International partnerships are an intrinsic component of universities’ internationalisation strategies. The management of these portfolios can differ greatly. This training course will look into how and why partnerships are initiated and maintained, at different types of partnerships and how these can vary while our overall strategic objectives towards cooperation and internationalisation can remain the same. Under this umbrella, we will focus on important aspects when negotiating new agreements, and what is required when deciding to renew those already in existence, relative to the objectives for each individual partnership. Content, quality assurance, individual countries’ legislative requirements, documentation requirements, the level of the agreement, the increasing commercialisation that is becoming part of many nations’ education landscape are some other aspects that will be covered. The speakers will be drawn from different parts of the world to reflect a range of perspectives.
Language English
Country Sweden
Location Malmö
When 15.06.2006 to 17.06.2006
Organisation European Association for International Education
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