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The e-procedures

You can proceed the e-procedures in the section "my moveonnet". Your institution must be registered in moveonnet and you must log in with the user name and password of your institution.

How the e-procedures work

e-nominations - the standard electronic procedure for the nomination of exchange students

The e-nominations process consists of 4 main steps: nomination, acknowledgement of receipt, application by the student and decision (acceptance or refusal). The communication process between institutions and with the students is completely automated and uses email templates. Students are automatically informed about each stage of the nomination. The procedure can be used by all institutions within or outside Europe and for all incoming and outgoing students independent of exchange programmes.

e-agreements - the standard electronic procedure for the edition of exchange agreements

e-agreements automates and secures the negotiation or renewal of bilateral agreements between partner institutions and enables them to generate and print the agreements with one click. During the whole process the communication between partner institutions is completely automated and uses email templates. Both partner institutions can at any time get an up-to-date overview list of all agreements and track the status of each agreement.

e-transcripts - the standard electronic procedure for the exchange of curriculum data of exchange students

e-transcripts is currently being developed by the moveonnet workgroup.
Through the automated processes the e-procedures save unnecessary paper work and a huge amount of time. moveonnet even offers web services for interfaces with your local system.

Start using the e-procedures today

The e-procedures can be used in two different ways:

  1. Basic use: The basic use of the e-procedures allows any registered institutions to use the e-procedures free of charge in response to premium partners.
  2. moveonnet premium membership – the e-procedures Flatrate: As a premium member of moveonnet you have unlimited use of the standard e-procedures with all your partners worldwide for the nomination of exchange students (incoming and outgoing) and the creation and negotiation of bilateral agreements. If your institution chooses to implement the e-procedures for the nomination of all your outgoing and/or incoming students, or for the creation of all your exchange agreements, you must sign the contract available in moveonnet so that the activation becomes effective. In this case the use of the e-procedures will be charged on a yearly basis. The first 3 months are free of charge.

Click here to download the premium membership activation form.


Step-by-step guides for the e-procedures are available in the FAQ section.

Click here to access the FAQ section.

The idea behind and the moveonnet work group

Together with major European institutions, unisolution launched the moveonnet work group in October 2006 to develop electronic procedures for standardising and simplifying the main communication processes between partner institutions within international mobility activities, which are:
  • the nomination of exchange students
  • the negotiation and renewal of bilateral agreements
  • the management of learning agreements and transcript of records
The moveonnet work group regularly welcomes new members. 

Click here for more information about the moveonnet work group
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