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European Workshop, 9th November in Rome (Italy)

Defining electronic standards and procedures for the exchange of student curriculum data between Institutions of Higher Education within international mobility

9th November 2007, Rome (Italy) - CRUI - Conferenza dei Rettori delle Università italiane

Representatives from European and US universities and other institutions active in the field of Higher Education met on the 9th November 2007 to discuss future common data standards to be used for exchanging student curriculum data. The workshop “Defining electronic standards and procedures for the exchange of student curriculum data between Higher Education Institutions” was hosted by the Conference of Rectors of the Italian Universities (CRUI) in Rome. 40 participants from 13 countries attended the meeting with the dual intent of sharing domestic and international initiatives in this area and defining future common actions to be taken. A representative mix of active practitioners and standards seekers animated the workshop with project demonstrations and panel discussions.

Event partners

Datenlotsen (Germany), Digitary (Ireland), evento (Switzerland), Hochschule Harz (Germany), Kion (Italy), unisolution (Germany)

Documentation and presentations

Final Report

Introduction and goals of the workshop
(Simone Ravaioli, Kion - Stéphane Velay, unisolution)

Best practices presentations

National Student Master File: collecting student data in Italy
(Dott. Marco Lanzarini, CINECA)

Graduates’ data collection for analyses of the internal and external effectiveness of Italian Universities
(Alberto Leone, Consorzio Interuniversitario Alma Laurea)

Communication and data transfer between partner institutions within international mobility activities
(Manuel Dietz, unisolution)

Architecture and procedures for the exchange of student data using eGovernment standards
(Prof. Hermann Strack, Hochschule Harz)

Experiences of issuing and authenticating Degree Certificates and European Diploma Supplements online
(Andy Dowling, Digitary)

EUROPASS Mobility, a standard template for the detailed recording of trans-national learning experiences within the European Union
(Stéphane Velay, unisolution)

Exchanging Course-Related Information (XCRI) in the UK
(Dr. Mark Stubbs, Manchester Metropolian University)

Course Description Metadata (CDM) in Norway and France
(Stéphane Velay, unisolution)

Postsecondary Education Standards Council (PESC) in the United States
(David K. Moldoff, AcademyOne)

The Ladok Consortium and LadokPing; a solution for student data exchange on a national level
(Jonas Brorsson, The Ladok Consortium, Mikael Berglund, Umeå universitet)

European University Information Systems (EUNIS)
(Lígia Maria Ribeiro, Universidade do Porto)

Open discussions
(Vittorio Ravaioli, Kion - Manuel Dietz, unisolution)

Perspectives of using international standards for exchanging student data: consequences for current projects, new opportunities.

Steps toward an international standard for exchanging student data: requirements, constraints, approaches and dissemination.


Simone Ravaioli, Kion:

Stéphane Velay, unisolution:

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