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e-nomination - the electronic procedure for the nomination of exchange students

e-nomination workflow

Welcome to e-nomination - the standard electronic procedure for the nomination of exchange students

Usage: e-nomination, a service provided by the platform moveonnet, can be used by all institutions within or outside Europe and for all incoming and outgoing students independent of exchange programmes.

Communication: The communication between institutions and with the students is completely automated and uses email templates.

4 main steps: The process consists of the steps nomination, acknowledgement of receipt, application by the student and decision (acceptance or refusal).

Click here for further information about the e-procedures and the european work group behind the e-procedures.


1) Using e-nomination in response to your partner's request

Please follow the steps below to manage your e-nominations of incoming and / or outgoing students only in response to your partner's request. All you need is an institution's account on moveonnet. This is free of charge.

2) Using e-nomination with all your partners

As premium user of the e-procedures (including the use of e-agreements and e-transcripts) you can use e-nomination for managing incoming and / or outgoing e-nominations with all your partners. To switch your status to "premium user", please download the premium membership activation form.


e-nomination Incoming

As the host institution you can

  • view and acknowledge e-nominations received from your partner institutions
  • send back information about the application process at your institution
  • send messages to your partners regarding these e-nominations and finally
  • accept or refuse the nominated students.

e-nomination Outgoing

As the sending institution you can

  • nominate students to partner institutions
  • view acknowledgements, acceptances or refusals from your partners and
  • send messages to your partners regarding these e-nominations.

You need to log in to proceed with e-nomination

To manage the e-nomination for your institution, your institution must be registered in moveonnet. Please log in with the user name and password of your institution.

Click here to access the FAQ section for any questions relating to the registration.


Support / FAQs

Documentation and step-by-step guides are available in the support / FAQ section.

For further assistance you can contact the moveonnet support team, either by phone (+49 711 2535 9160) or by email

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