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General terms of use - privacy policy

Please read the following terms carefully before using this website. By registering, entering information, downloading materials and using this website, you agree to abide by the terms explained in this document. If you do not agree to abide by these terms and conditions do not use the site, register, enter information or download materials from here.

1. Website provider

The moveonnet website is provided by QS unisolution GmbH (Germany).

Address: STEP 8.1, Meitnerstr. 10, D - 70563 Stuttgart
Telephone: +49 711 253 591 - 60
Fax: +49 711 253 591 - 89
Email: info [at]
Commercial Register: HRB 720413, Amtsgericht Stuttgart
Managing Directors / CEO: Manuel Dietz and Stéphane Velay

2. Description and limitation of service

2.1 General description of service

The moveonnet website aims to enhance public access to information relevant for staff of Institutions of Higher Education and students and provide specific services and information to registered members.

The moveonnet provider aims to keep this information timely and accurate. If errors are brought to its attention, it will do its best to correct them. However, the moveonnet provider cannot guarantee that all information on the website is always correct.

The moveonnet provider reserves the right to modify, suspend, or discontinue on a temporary or permanent basis any section or page of this website, in whole or in part, at any time and for any reason without prior notice to the users, and shall not be liable to users or to any third party for any such modification, suspension, or discontinuance.

2.2 Registration

Visitors to the moveonnet website may register and create a personal account profile on the website to become a moveonnet member and gain access to further information and services through the moveonnet portal. Only official representatives of institutions of higher education may register to become moveonnet members.

To become a new member of moveonnet the person must complete the registration form on the website including the name of the institution and the name and email address of the representative. Before being validated as a member and gaining full access to the website, the moveonnet provider will check the identity of the registering person with officials representatives of the institution displayed on the institution’s official website. The registering person will be informed by e-mail of the validation of their details after which the new member account will be activated.

By registering on the website the representative of an institution agrees to provide the moveonnet website with true, accurate, and current information about the institution and to update this information regularly. Members are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their passwords and are fully responsible for all activities that occur through their account. The moveonnet provider does not retain liability or responsibility for such usage.

2.3 Information about institutions collected within the Worldwide Directory of Higher Education

The Worldwide Directory of Higher Education in moveonnet collects institution data entered by the institutions themselves. This includes general information about the institutions and the contacts for International Relations. This information is available to other users of the website.

Information about an institution can only be entered in moveonnet by a representative of this institution who has already registered in moveonnet and has been validated by the moveonnet provider.

2.4 Information about students collected within the e-procedures

The e-nomination procedure enables two institutions to exchange electronic data about exchange students.

Information about a student can only be entered in moveonnet by a representative of this institution who has already registered in moveonnet and has been validated by the moveonnet provider. Student data can only be accessed by the two institutions involved in the mobility of the student.

3. Privacy policy

The moveonnet provider takes the privacy rights of the website users very seriously and seeks to ensure the highest standards of compliance with data protection laws and regulations. This privacy policy explains the relevant privacy terms governing the use of moveonnet.

In particular the moveonnet provider guarantees full compliance with the guidelines and principles laid down in the European Data Protection Directive (95/46/EC) on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.

When becoming a member (with login protected access to the website) the user must expressly agree to the terms of use and the privacy policy. When submitting personal information the user consents to the use of that information as stated in this policy.

Due to the nature of the Internet, information provided by users may be transferred to countries not having protections in place regarding data and its use such as those set out in this policy. The moveonnet provider will take all steps to try to maintain the security of personal information. By submitting information the user also consents to these transfers.

3.1. Use of collected institution's data and transfer to third parties

a) Access to institutional data entered by members is freely available to all moveonnet users (including unregistered users). This data can be accessed using the search function in the directory of institutions. Details about contact persons such as the address, telephone number and email address are only available to registered members logged in to the moveonnet website. The name of the contact persons alone can be viewed by non logged in users.

b) Institutional data will only be accessible in moveonnet under the conditions and for the sole purposes outlined above. Data will not be passed onto or sold to any third parties or used in any other way by the moveonnet provider.

3.2. Use of collected students’ data and transfer to third parties

a) Students’ data which has been submitted to moveonnet in the sole purpose of the e-nomination process will only be accessible in moveonnet for those two partner institutions involved in the respective e-nomination process after their registration.

b) Students’ data will only be accessible in moveonnet under the conditions and for the sole purpose outlined above. Data will not be passed onto or sold to any third parties or used in any other way by the moveonnet provider or by the partner institution.

3.3 - Entries in the forum and mailing lists

moveonnet members can add entries to the different tools available on the website i.e. forum, partner and job search databases. Forums may be limited to certain member groups. All entries made by members in moveonnet can only be accessed by other logged in members. The mailing lists available can only be used by moveonnet members.

3.4 - Data security

The moveonnet team endeavour to take all reasonable steps to protect each member’s data. All data collected by the moveonnet team is stored on a secure server.

3.5 - Cookies

Cookies are small text files placed on your computer by websites that you visit. They are widely used in order to ensure that websites work efficiently, or to provide the owners of the websites with marketing information and business opportunities.

The cookies on the moveonnet website are mainly 'session cookies', which store each user’s 'preferences' as they move through the website such as details about whether the user is logged in or not. Session cookies are deleted when the users closes the browser.

The moveonnet website also uses 'persistent cookies' to store the user’s preference of a particular language, so that the website can be automatically adapted without the user having to select the preferred language again. Unless the user deletes these cookies manually, they will remain on the user’s computer for 12 months before automatically expiring.
moveonnet uses cookies to facilitate the smooth running of the website. It does not use cookies to collect any personal details about the users except those required for the administration of the web server and the smooth running of the website. All Internet browsers can be set to block all cookies if this is desired. This will not affect your ability to access the information on the website, but will prevent you from using added functionalities offered by the site or for saving your preference of a particular language.

4. Modalities for the use of the e-procedures

4.1 Description of the e-procedures

The e-procedures are available to everyone who has registered his/her institution in moveonnet and has accepted the terms and conditions. The e-procedures include
- e-nomination – the standard electronic procedure for the nomination of exchange students
- e-agreements – the standard electronic procedure for the edition of exchange agreements

The e-procedures can be used in two different ways:
  1. Basic use: the institution uses e-procedures only in response to partners who are premium members (e.g. acknowledgement of e-nominations received from a premium partner, completion of a proposition for an e-agreement received from a premium partner). The basic use of e-procedures is free of charge and can be used immediately.
  2. Premium use: the institution can uses e-procedures with any partner. The premium use of e-procedures must be applied for by the institution. As premium member, the use of the e-procedures is no longer free of charge and is then based on an annual fee.

4.2 Activation for premium membership of moveonnet

To become a premium member of moveonnet, the institution only needs to sign the “Premium member activation form” for the use of the e-procedures available on the moveonnet website ( and send it back to unisolution as specified on the agreement. Upon receipt of the correctly filled in agreement by unisolution GmbH, the institution immediately becomes premium member with unrestricted use of the e-procedures.

The activation of the premium membership can be recalled by an institution at least one month before expiration. After cancellation, the institution can use the e-procedures as a basic user.

4.3 Current fee of for the premium membership

The current price of the premium membership dependes on the size of the institution.

Size of institution* Premium membership fee
< 2.500 235.00 € p.a.
2.500 – 7.500 300.00 € p.a.
7.500 – 12.500 360.00 € p.a.
12.500 – 17.500 425.00 € p.a.
17.500 – 22.500 490.00 € p.a.
22.500 – 27.500 550.00 € p.a.
27.500 – 32.500 615.00 € p.a.
> 32.500 675.00 € p.a.

* Total number of students

The prices shown (as standing on 15th April 2012) are excluding the valid German VAT at the time of the service provision. According to the VAT regulations for intracommunity delivery, all European Institutions of Higher Education outside of Germany presenting a valid European VAT identification number will not be invoiced for VAT by unisolution GmbH.

5. Copyright

Users are permitted to copy certain material for their own personal use, but may not publish any part of the material either on another website or as part of any commercial service without the prior permission of the moveonnet provider. Reproduction or use of the moveonnet web design are forbidden. If you wish to make a request to reproduce material provided on this website please contact the moveonnet provider through the details shown on the contact page.

6. Links to external websites

The moveonnet provider does not assume any responsibility for links to external sites nor the approval of over the data protection policies, content or security of these linked websites.

7. Contact the moveonnet provider

If you have any comments or queries in connection with the moveonnet terms of use and the privacy policy, please contact the moveonnet provider through the details shown on the contact page. We welcome your questions and suggestions.

8. Changes to the general term of use and the privacy policy

The moveonnet provider reserves the right to modify or supplement the general terms and the privacy policy described here. Changes made will be posted on this page. If the changes are significant they will also be pointed out elsewhere on this website so that you may constantly be aware of the changes and of what information is collected and how this information is used. Continued use of the service will signify implicitly the agreement to changes of this sort. Please check this page periodically to inform yourself of any changes.

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