General information

EUC Number (Charta): 255170 (awarded in 2009)
Erasmus Code: HR OSIJEK01
Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek (UNIOS) was established in 1975. Today it has around 18700 students and 1458 members of academic staff. With eleven faculties, five departments and one Academy of Arts, our University offers studies in all scientific fields. Since the academic year 2005/2006 it carries out studies fully revised according to the Bologna principles. Nowadays, there are 31 university undergraduate studies, then 35 university graduate studies, 3 integrated undergraduate and graduate studies in the field of Medicine, Law and Teacher Education, 23 postgraduate professional studies within the lifelong learning program and 11 postgraduate doctoral studies. One of UNIOS main priorities is development of international cooperation. There is cooperation at bilateral level with universities in 16 European countries, in Turkey, USA and Russia.

Network memberships

Danube Rectors' Conference (DRC)
European network of International Relations Officers at Higher Eduation Institutions for Agricultura (IROICA)
Rectors' Conference of the Alps-Adriatic universities (RCAAU)


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Faculties / Schools

UAOS - Academy of Arts (Umjetnicka akademija)
KBFDJ - Catholic Faculty of Theology in Djakovo (Katolicki bogoslovni fakultet u Djakovu)
O BIO - Department of Biology (Odjel za biologiju)
O KEM - Department of Chemistry (Odjel za kemiju)
O MAT - Department of Mathematics (Odjel za matematiku)
O FIZ - Department of Physics (Odjel za fiziku)
PFOS - Faculty of Agriculture (Poljoprivredni fakultet)
GFOS - Faculty of Civil Engineering (Gradjevinski fakultet)
EFOS - Faculty of Economics (Ekonomski fakultet)
FOOZOS - Faculty of Education (Fakultet za odgojne i obrazovne znanosti)
ETFOS - Faculty of Electrical Engineering (Elektrotehnicki fakultet)
PTFOS - Faculty of Food Technology (Prehrambeno-tehnoloski fakultet)
FFOS - Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (Filozofski fakultet)
PRAVOS - Faculty of Law (Pravni fakultet)
SFSB - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Slavonski Brod (Strojarski fakultet u Slavonskom Brodu)
MEFOS - Faculty of Medicine (Medicinski fakultet)
O KULT - Odjel za kulturologiju (Department of Cultural Studies)
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